Information from WI DNR on tree blockage removal

Posted by Therese Oldenburg, 9/26/2020

There have been questions recently about cutting and removing trees from the creek. I called the DNR to see if they could provide information and they sent me to this brochure “Paddling among Fish and Wildlife”. Below are the important take aways and the link to the brochure and […]

Rock County Health Department tests Turtle Creek for public safety

Rock County Health Department regularly test Turtle Creek for public safety, especially after high water when waters may become contaminated from run off. Check out the website and most recent testing results.

Creek Walking – A whole new way to explore Turtle Creek

I experienced Turtle Creek a whole new way the other day.
It was an unusually hot September day, around 90 degrees, the water had warmed up and my son asked me to accompany him while he walked the creek and fished. When you’re college-aged son wants to hang out with you, you don’t turn him down! […]

Turtle Creek was inspiration for “Turtle Wax” car polish’s name

This may be urban legend, or it may be true…But, the story goes that Turtle Creek was the inspiration for the founder of “Turtle Wax”. The story is that Benjamin Hirsch started mixing up batches of his special formula liquid car polish in his Chicago bathtub in 1945. He called his product Plastone, and as […]

Concerns about weed growth in Turtle Creek

By Therese Oldenburg, Wisconsin Master Naturalist

This is my own personal, non-scientific observation about weed growth in Turtle Creek in the past three years 2013-2015. It appears as though weeds are starting to get a strong foothold in the creek and I have concerns about this. I have noticed more growth in the last two years than […]

Friends of Turtle Creek Meeting – Held July 30

For those who were unable to join us, we  had a very enjoyable paddle on Turtle Creek prior to the July 30th meeting. See photos. Note photo of a mother and her son who were fishing at the hwy. 140 bridge. As we arrived the boy caught the photographed fish from Turtle Creek as was […]

Turtle Creek Paddle Trip Report Turtle Creek – Hwy C to O’Riley take out

We paddled with friends from Hwy C, the community of Fairfield on the Walworth/Rock County Line, to the takeout just prior to O’Riley Road.

Distance was 4 miles and it took 1 hour 55 minutes of casual floating and paddling. The creek in this area was uniformly 3 to 5 feet deep. We had no areas […]

Nature At the Confluence on Turtle Creek

Nature at The Confluence is an initiative to transform the area of land where Turtle Creek meets the Rock River into a community space that celebrates the natural and historical  signifigance of the land. Partners in this initiative include Beloit 2020, City of South Beloit, City of Beloit, Be Active Outdoors, and other community groups and […]